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5 Ways to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Billboard Ad Campaign

Billboard ad campaigns can get expensive, but a great campaign can yield huge returns on the investment.

One way to ensure that your billboard is performing at maximum potential is to make sure you're following some key rules to billboard advertising.

Show but Don't Tell

A billboard gives you a lot of space and only a little time. You'll need to rely on visual elements and creativity. This presents the opportunity to create something memorable.

What's the one thing that you want viewers to take away from your ad?

Use this opportunity to really nail one message. Trying to explain your business in too much detail will make your billboard cluttered and hard to understand. Remember, your viewers are only going to have about 5 seconds to comprehend your message and associate it with your business, so keep it simple.

Trim The Text

Often times a billboard is going to require some text. So how much is enough and what is too much?

Chances off the ad is going to include a logo, and perhaps a phone number, website, or even address/directions. For an ad that is only being looked at for 5 seconds, this doesn't leave much room for text, so shoot for keeping the ad text light.

A billboard should range from 6 to 8 words.

Prioritize what is important for this particular ad and cut the rest.

Don’t Expect Direct Response

Billboards are great for brand building, or supporting campaigns like events or promotions from your business. However, a billboard can’t do the heavy lifting that digital or direct advertising can, so don’t expect people to pull over and call you.

What you can expect is the billboard to inspire people to search for your business online, recognize your brand the next time they are in a store, or consider your ad when it is relevant to them.

Seeing a promotion for pizza likely won't cause the majority of drivers to pull a U-turn straight to the pizza shop, but it will be top of mind on Friday night when they are thinking of what to eat for supper.

Numbers Game

If billboard advertising has taught us anything, it's that the more billboards you have for your campaign, the more effective it will be. Not only will it hit more people, but you’ll be recognized and remembered easier.

It is important to be strategic about billboard placement. More is good, but more in the right spots is great. Think of your customers and where they will be travelling most. Use these routes to hit them multiple times.

The more your customers see your ads, the bigger the imprint you'll make, and the influence over their decision making you'll have.

Business Card Test

How can you tell if your billboard design will be effective before running it?

Here's a simple trick:

Print your ad on a business card and hold it at arm’s length, or stand it up across your desk. Walk by it, or only give yourself 5-6 seconds to look at it. Is your message clear? Is it accomplishing what you need it to?

This is a great test to help with the difficult decision of eliminating the elements you really want, but aren’t necessarily important or useful.

To learn more about getting starting with your own billboard campaign give us a call at (902) 371-5931

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